Six: Moving On

Sasuraibito Tarot

Previously, we looked at dealing with setbacks. In any journey, there are challenges and successes. With the number six, we will see how your course can change, how sometimes big decisions have to be made.

Six of Wands: This card depicts some kind of a victory. It’s about being recognised by other people for what you did. Maybe your project is starting to reach people, maybe someone bought your art, or praised you at work. If you pull this card, it’s a time to think about your accomplishments, what you’re proud of. Pat yourself on the back. Sometimes people don’t like to celebrate their successes publicly in case they seem like they’re boasting. If you worked hard, you deserve to enjoy yourself. Remember that there are ten cards, so even though this card is a victory, it’s not the end. Keep trying hard!

Six of Cups: This card tends to represent nostalgia, recalling joyful moments from the past. maybe it’s time you think about where you come from, who you can thank for helping you to develop skills and qualities that you’re proud of. Like the Six of Pentacles, which we will talk about below, this card is about giving and receiving. But it represents more an older or more experienced person giving to a younger person. Is there something you can teach to the younger generation? There is a feeling of childishness in the RWS version of this card, and it can be nice to be reminded to be playful sometimes. 

Six of Swords: In the RWS version of this card, two people are on a boat together, leaving somewhere. If you remember that swords represent thoughts, maybe there’s some heavy mental baggage that they’re bringing with them. These people seem like they could be refugees, leaving behind a horrible situation in hopes of finding something better. For everyone, there are times when things are so difficult or toxic, we have to just make a choice to leave that situation well behind. If you pull this card, ask yourself how your current situation is, if there’s anything toxic you could discard, and if not, take a moment to be grateful. Remember that you can’t fully heal if you are still in the midst of the negative situation that is causing you trauma. Take care of yourself, and be safe. 

Six of Pentacles: In a way, this card is the opposite of the one before it. We saw in the Five of Pentacles that the characters were in a state of poverty. The person in the middle of the RWS version of card is able to give money away. They carry a set of scales, implying balance. But is there really balance in this card? There are two people dressed in rags begging, and one rich person. Remember that if you end up in a fortunate position that there are always still people who are struggling. Don’t forget to show humanity to other people when you can. 

What do you think when you pull a Six? Now we are in the second half of the Minor Arcana journey, what has resonated with you most? I’ll remind you that it’s good practice to keep a tarot journal: pull a card a day and see what you intuitively read from that card. Then look up the meaning and think about how you could use that card today. Keeping notes of these readings is a good way to consolidate any insight you get from the cards. 

Published by Iona Grant

I am a writer who focuses on secular tarot, mindfulness and mental health. I read the cards for introspection, not fortune-telling. Tarot cards embody clear emotions and themes, and allow you to view a situation from new perspectives. I love that tarot exercises your creativity and imagination, and helps to prevent overthinking. I also do social media marketing for charities, and I am developing my skills in copywriting and content creation.

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