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If you are able to, please consider donating to help keep this blog going! The content on this blog will always be free to read, but it’s not free for me to run it. The renewal is coming up next month so that’s why I’m asking for your help today.

When I get Patreon subscribers, there will be exclusive content available there. I sell personalised Tarot readings and other fun things on my Etsy store.





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Thank you! As always, any requests or suggestions are welcome, and I hope you have a peaceful day.


Published by Iona Grant

I am a writer who focuses on secular tarot, mindfulness and mental health. I read the cards for introspection, not fortune-telling. Tarot cards embody clear emotions and themes, and allow you to view a situation from new perspectives. I love that tarot exercises your creativity and imagination, and helps to prevent overthinking. I also do social media marketing for charities, and I am developing my skills in copywriting and content creation.

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