Court Cards: Practical Pentacles

Sasuraibito tarot The Suit of Pentacles is associated with the element of earth. This suit is very grounded, practical and hardworking. Concerned with matters of the material world, this isn't a very spiritual suit, but it does have a love for nature and abundance. Sometimes called the Suit of Coins, it is also associated with … Continue reading Court Cards: Practical Pentacles

Court Cards: Rational Swords

This Might Hurt Tarot The Suit of Swords contains some of the most painful cards in the tarot. The sword can be used to cut through illusion, and it is used by heroes. But it also can cause pain and suffering. In tarot, the swords represent thoughts, communication, and the mind. Many of us harm … Continue reading Court Cards: Rational Swords

Court Cards: Overflowing Cups

Borderless Rider-Waite-Smith The Cups Suit is associated with water, and represents emotions, love, relationships, intuition, and so on. It focuses on your inner experiences, and how you connect to the world around you. Although it can often be a harmonious suit, strong and uncontrollable emotions can cause us a lot of harm. We see how … Continue reading Court Cards: Overflowing Cups