0. The Fool: Beginner’s Mind

  Have you ever heard of the term Shoshin (初心) from Zen Buddhism? Shoshin means beginner’s mind, and it means being open-minded, eager and not having any preconceptions. Even when you are an expert in your field, having this attitude can be really helpful. Many of us have had an experience of introducing someone toContinue reading “0. The Fool: Beginner’s Mind”

The Fool’s Journey

If you are interested in learning Tarot, I recommend getting a notebook to take notes of anything that stands out to you when learning about the cards. Some foundational facts about the Tarot before we get started: A typical deck of Tarot cards consists of 78 cards. 22 of these cards are known as TheContinue reading “The Fool’s Journey”

Why Tarot?

A lot of people hear the word ‘Tarot’ and immediately think ‘I don’t believe in stuff like that.’ It’s pretty normal to have that initial response, but I hope that I can convince you to approach it from a more open-minded perspective. I don’t believe in fortune-telling. I don’t think that there is a spiritContinue reading “Why Tarot?”