1. The Magician: Bending Lightning

Have you ever seen the TV shows Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra? The first thing I think about when I see the typical Magician card is lightning bending. In the Avatar series, many of the characters can 'bend' or manipulate one or more of the four classical elements, earth, water, air and … Continue reading 1. The Magician: Bending Lightning

0. The Fool: Beginner’s Mind

  Have you ever heard of the term Shoshin (初心) from Zen Buddhism? Shoshin means beginner's mind, and it means being open-minded, eager and not having any preconceptions. Even when you are an expert in your field, having this attitude can be really helpful. Many of us have had an experience of introducing someone to … Continue reading 0. The Fool: Beginner’s Mind